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Post by SteveW88 »

I have a 2023 (MY23) Sportage and I checked the software situation and the car is saying software update available but the update button for OTA download is greyed out.
I went to the Kia software update site and it said that the only software update available was for MY22 cars.
I read somewhere that when the car says 'available' it means 'enabled' and if the update button is greyed out it means no software updates for this car are available.
Does anyone know if this really is the case?

Many thanks

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Post by Slavovski83 »

I had the same problem too. When I was at a kia service center to install a dash cam, I asked them about this problem and they explained that the first update must be done manually via USB stick, after that the car will be able to receive OTA the next update when it is available.

You just need to go to the official website and follow the instruction to update the software.
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