Sportage 2019 CamChain Failure

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Absolutely appauling response from Kia Franchises/Dealers, re CAMCHAIN FAILURE.
On route to visiting garage to have car checked out for slight noises from engine. Car ENGINE SEIZED on route at a junction, due to cam chain FAILURE, (assessed by a Audi/VW mechanic of 30+yrs after a desparate phone call) No response on key turn but NO FAULT shown on dashboard or indicated by warning symbols. Battery was sound as all electrics functional ( Windows, mirrors, radio, wipers, Etc)
Our 2019 Sportage has less than 30k miles,
Almost impossible to push the Sportage to side.
All KIA garages (6 phoned) with same excuse, "No More Recovered Cars can be taken". (Even with AA recovery)
KIA Sportage is under WARRANTY, but still KIA dealers or Francises reluctant to help or take car in to replace engine. Now I'm totally at a loss & dispairing as what to do next as NO KIA garages willing repair an obvious manufacturers fault of cam-chain failure, after less then 30k miles.(FSH)
If there are other Kia Sportage cars with similar faults, I would appreciate any assistance or guidance from you please.
Car cost over £20K & bought a year ago 2021 for SAFE, RELIABLE driving but KIA are totally destroying our lives by being so unresponsive.

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