3rd clutch needed in 6 years!

Faults and Technical chat for the Kia Sportage
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Really hope someone can advise….

I have been driving for 35 plus years and never needed a new clutch on my other cars.

My Sportage is 2015 model and has had 2 replaced by my garage averaging only 20,000 miles each time before it was claimed wear and tear

I am a careful driver and I cannot understand how another one has failed. I noticed last week the accelerator felt a little spongy and revved as I accelerated from time to time. 2 days later the accelerator would not work at all and I broke down on a hill!

Dealership says it will cost around £400 just to look at it and around £750 for a new clutch. They said they will try and claim under warranty if a fault is found but the car is just out of warranty

I am adamant that it is not wear and tear and that they should inspect it without charge

Would really appreciate your views

Many thanks

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