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Faults and Technical chat for the Kia Sportage
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Post by MDSK »

Hi all.
The Kia Sportage GT line (1.6 turbo) has just come from its first annual service.
When we booked it in (the queue to get into Stockton Kia was looooooong), we reported an occasional judder when accelerating from 1500-1700 rpm. That had begun as a hesitancy and then ramped up to a full on judder with "slamming" of the suspension. It felt like you'd run over a dead horse in the road. We picked the car up and was told "We couldn't find anything". It would have been evident to anyone that drove it but I suspect all that was doine was the computer was plugged in. On the way home the issue was still there. I tried to ring to let them know but because of the way the service desk kept going to voice mail I sent an email on the website contact page. The first person said Kia can only look at it on 19 October (3 weeks!!!!!!), I asked to speak to the branch manager who wasn't there, so next in line was workshop manager who didn't answer his phone. Back to the email.....and then "Matthew" called back. The best he could come up with was for us to run it for a few miles at max revs as the particulate filter may be blocked and needed burning off. This despite 70% of journeys being highway at over 60mph average. There is no filter warning light displaying on the dash.
Any way we did as requested (6 miles in 4th at 5000+ rpm) and things changed - they got worse. The first issue is still there and now after a warm start the car immediately goes into full on judder and the engine management light does its own little disco impression. We're now in the situation that we don't want to drive the car, and Kia are very unresponsive.

Has any seen this type of issue before?
If so what was the solution?

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Post by Stedders »

Just read you post. I also have a one year old GTS line 1.6 turbo, it has developed the same problem you have described.
It has been back to the dealership and I got exactly the same outcome as you.
They did say to come back if it persists and they will send me out with a technician to do a road test, which I plan to do.
I was wondering if you had resolved your problem and if so what was the problem?
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Post by Rogpepps »

I also have this problem with my sportage 1.6 AWD 2019 reg GT line it’s intermittent but at times quite severe indeed! I’ve been back to KIA for service and mentioned this to them and they found nothing? I’m due another service January , as I’m an retired motor mechanic I’m concerned this is a transmission problem it’s a automatic gearbox feels to me a Ford clutch is at fault anyone else have a problem similar!
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Post by bekter »

I have a sportage 2.0 AWD 2016 and I seem to have a similar problem. Car starts to judder for no apparent reason, Arnold Clark replaced the brake discs and pads even though I told them it was happening without me even touching the breaks and the problem still persists. Sometimes can go a week with everything being fine then it randomly comes back.
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Post by Spike-D »

Had similar with my current 71 plate XCeed from 3 months old. Changed the clutch pack, no change. Gave up and traded in for a new sportage that will arrive early next year. Hoping this doesn’t recur.
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Post by Blaster48 »

I have the same problem(I think)2023 1.6 petrol manual gearbox, at low revs it feel hesitant like the throttle is on and off,but under hard acceleration its ok,I am wondering if the the throttle box which is electronic,I might have to take it in but worried that they won't find anything, so if anybody has had this and been resolved I would love to know,many thanks
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