Leak into passenger footwell following rain

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Hi there

I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem and identified where the leak could be coming from.I'm getting rainwater coming into the passenger footwell. It appears to be coming from the air intake vent that leads into the fan area and then dripping down the back of the passenger footwell, soaking the carpet. It's worse after a downpour. I feel it is from here as the fan part is always flooded with water and the air vent has drips within it.

Car: Kia Sportage 4WD 2008

What I've tried: Replacing the windscreen / Removed the windscreen scuttle to check for leaves / Hosing the screen and scuttle to see if anything comes through the vent.

When I hose the windscreen and scuttle I don't see any water dripping through. I'm confused where else rainwater could be coming in from.

I would be great for any suggestions of fixes people have found. Thank you!

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