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Hello everyone, new starter here.
I currently have a 2019 Sportage 4 TGDi AWD DCT (helluva name ain't it?!) which I've had since September 2020. Bought with a gnat's under 9k miles, it now has 43k and runs well after a (warranty!) new DCT clutch pack recently fitted. I also have LPG on the vehicle - as I had on my 4 previous Hyundai Santa Fés.
Not my only transport, I also have several motor cycles - 3 and a bit (1 under resto) Suzuki GT550s and a -1 year old Moto Guzzi V85TT. I hope to be able to contribute with tech stuff (I'm a retired Elec/mech/computer Engineer & worked world wide until 8 years ago when I did the best day's work ever & retired!
I will apologise now if people don't understand my sense of humour - it's very Yorkshire and can be 'bad', but in a good way!! I also scuba dive & love to travel - how on earth I ever had time to do that 4 letter word stuff starting with 'W' and ending 'ork' I'll never know........

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