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I bought a Kia Sportage a year and a half ago (my 3rd one). The engine on a journey home started making noises and I had to drive the car to the nearest garage to get looked at immediately. At this point I phone Kia myself with regards to the 7 year warranty and I was then informed that the engine had seized up due to lack of oil which I found very hard to believe as I checked it regularly. I was told that the car needed a new engine and so I agreed to get the work done. When the car was "fixed" and returned to me the same problem occurred. It was returned again to the garage but this time I was informed that it was in fact the turbo that was the problem and not the lack of oil in the engine as I was initially lead to believe. The car was repaired again and it cost me £6000 to get all this work done but still Kia refused to acknowledge the warranty on the car. I am bitterly disappointed at the service I received from Kia and the horrendous amount it has cost to get the car repaired.
I do not understand how they can get away with advertising a 7 year warranty with this car when this is most certainly NOT the case. I would advise anyone thinking of buying a Kia Sportage to think twice about it and look, check and question your car warranty as I was told a whole lot of lies. I will never buy another Kia car and just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem and how it was dealt with. This really is a shocking service and Kia need to overhaul the way they operate in the future because I will most definitely will not be one of their customers. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

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