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2019 Sportage 4 1.6TGDi AWD DCT.
At the last service (40000 miles - December 2023) it was noted that the pads were getting low and discs were requiring change when the pads were sorted due to an overhang on the outer edge of the discs.
Dealer price for 4 discs & pads (fitted) was over £800 (yes, that's what I thought too :shock: ), and just oem parts for me to DIY was over £500. Called at a local parts supplier (Euro) & a more reasonable £327 for parts :? , so I ordered them & a mate was recruited to assist. Unfortunately, when I made further inquiries, 'the computer' - that I didn't have - had to be plugged in due to the EPB and brake system reset,, so I cancelled the mate and went to a local service guy who charged £200 for the job, took 3 hours and all seems fine.
Big difference in brake efficiency too.
Parts bought were Pagid rear discs, 4 sets of Pagid pads, and a pair of (very heavy) Brembo split/cooled front discs - all oem lookalikes anyway. Not needed them in anger yet, but they are very keen, so I use them lightly at the current time until they bed in, and car warranty isn't affected.

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