Engine light comes on and find out there is no oil in Engine

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So, had a bit of a shock this weekend, just as I was driving in my Kia Sportage, I hear a rattling noise and then my engine light suddenly goes off (Amber) and the engine oil flickers and then disappears. I stop and check the oil in my engine and there was absolutely none!
Had road side recovery help me out, they came and checked it, couldn't see where the oil went, and the two codes that came up were P0011 and P0014, I was told that I should not start car again. SO towed to dealer and now i have to wait 7 weeks before they can even take a look at it.
Really frustrated,
car is 2018 reg, been driving it for 4 years and kept it maintained through Kia garage in Aberdeen, and now I have to wait 7 weeks before they can even look at, and that's before any work can be done, anyone have any similar experiences?
Found the fact that the dealership wont even look at it since it maybe a warranty issue, for 7 weeks very disappointing, expected better from Kia Aftersales.

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My 2.0 crdi Sportage has just been serviced . Oil pressure light came on . Dry stick ..no leak . Accused garage of forgetting oil tongue in cheek .
Oil was there but not in sump .. blocked oil way or one of the pumps . Drained flushed refilled no Ill effects . So far ! 60k miles
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